Welcome to the Woodstream Studio Gallery. Here you will find in Gallery 1-4 the original paintings and Gilcee prints of Della Burford. In Gallery 5 will be Desiree Burford and her nephew's work and in Gallery 6 we have Travel photographs of Dale Bertrand which will be inspiration for future painting and have been sacred places of inspiration for Della's Miracle Galaxy. An Early Canadian artist Tomhu Huron Roberts selected sketches are in Gallery 7 and Gallery 8 will eventually Della's Dream work.


G A L L E R Y 1
This gallery offers Della Burford's originals and gilcee prints in two sizes from the book "Journey to Dodoland"- the second edition of the book is "Dodoland Adventures"

G A L L E R Y 2
This offers Gilcee prints of Della Burford's paintings in the "Magical Earth Secrets" book. The originals are N.F.S. or Sold.

G A L L E R Y 3
This offers Della Burford's original paintings and Gilcee prints from the book "Miracle Galaxy" a story of self healing.

G A L L E R Y 4
This gallery shows "Ether Land"by Della Burford - watercolor ,acrylic and oil. These are available in Gilcee prints.

G A L L E R Y 5
This gallery offers work by Desiree Burford - watercolor and acylic. They are also available in Gilcee prints. The last four are experimental painting by Rob Burford which are in the Take a moment- Island video.

G A L L E R Y 6
In this gallery are original photographs of Dale Bertrand & Della Burford. Many locations have been filmed and researched for Dale's book "Druidical Quest". Also they have been inspiration for some of the healing locations in" Miracle Galaxy".


G A L L E R Y 7
This gallery shows drawings from one sketchbook of the Early Canadian artist Tomhu Huron Roberts - to see Tomhu's work now go to the new website - www.tomhuhuronroberts



G A L L E R Y 8
This will be the Dream Gallery which will show the art being developed by Della who has been recording and painting from her dreams for decades. It will evolve organically. These paintings will be shown in galleries.