"Druidical Quest Gallery" Dale Bertrand
Gallery Six is a gallery of Sacred Sites photographs by Dale Bertrand. They show Sacred Sites in England, Cornwall, Ireland, Wales and Mexico that were done in the development of Dale's book "Druidical Quest" book which is an intuitive journey of Discovery presently available on Amazon. Photography and film were done at these locations. Some locations shown are New Grange, Chalice Well, Avebury,Aberderon, Men-a- Tol, Stonehenge,Chitza Itza and Guachimontone. Gilchees are available and if you have an interest just contact us. Photographs of Dale filming are taken by Della in Alta Vista, Carn Fadyn, and looking over to Bardsey Island. Dale is also a painter and has two of his paintings in Gallery Two. Many of the Sacred Sites will in the future be used in his paintings. He is presently an Artist in the School with the Nanaimo Art Gallery program.

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Image 6-1
New Grange Ireland

Image 6-2
Glastonbury Chalice Well

Image 6-3
Alta Vista Mexico

Image 6-4
Avebury England

Image 6-5
Aberdaron Lllyn Peninsula

Image 6-6
Men-a-Tol Cornwall

Image 6-7
Stonhenge Salisbury Plains

Image 6-8
The Tor England

Image 6-9
Carn Fadyn Wales

Image 6-10
Ruins Mexico

Image 6-11
Guachimontones Mexico

Image 6-12
Bardsey Island Wales