Early Canadian Artist Tomtu Huron Roberts
Gallery Seven is an Azatlan gallery of the drawings from one of sketchbooks of Tomtu Huron Roberts an Early Canadian artist who was one of the first artists in Vancouver. We call this sketchbook "the little jewel" as there is such fine detail in the drawings. Tomhu studied at Bridgman and Foster in Toronto and then his family moved to Vancouver before Vancouver was officailly incorporated. He was one of the first artists in Vancouver.

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Vancouver 1885


Sketches with Color


Winny - Tomhu's neice


By Kitsilano beach
Across to mountains

Young neice

Studying faces/hands
Winny's face and hand

Everyday life
Everyday Studies

Trees near Vancouver
Trees from sketchbook

Study for landscapes

Study of Faces


Gastown characters


How to sketch a portrait